Anton & Sean Peyton Serviced

Last updated: March 9th, 2020

Anton and Sean Peyton are getting serviced in this latest chaosmen video update. In this one, you are going to see the hunks sucking and fucking one another in front of the rolling cameras. Sean is a bit younger than Anton but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t as experienced as his scene partner. The jocks have a few scenes together so they knew what to expect in this one. No surprised there! While they were waiting for the scene to start, Anton couldn’t keep his hands away from cute Sean and his hot body.

Anton is more outgoing so he is the one that started it all, as he started kissing and undressing Sean. In no time he got to his underwear and once he took them off to the real fun began and the guys started blowing one another’s dick, but the hottest part was when they were both sucking in the same time and we got some really hot 69 footage to prove it. Anton did all the work so all that Sean had to do was to relax and to enjoy the moment. Anton couldn’t his hands and mouth away from his 7″ dick. Anton and Sean offered us another amazing update and you guys gotta check them out in the video below and until next time you can check out some of the older chaosmen updates too.


ChaosMen – Blaine Solo

Last updated: March 7th, 2020

Blaine is back with a great chaosmen update. He doesn’t mind at all undressing in front of the camera and showing off his dick. This isn’t his first scene here but he loved it so much the last time that he had to return for more. Blaine had some hardcore scenes so for this one he wanted a solo scene so that you guys can get a good look at him. The hot hunk started fully dressed, with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He knew the drill so he slowly started taking them off in front of the rolling camera.

As you can see he has an amazing body, Blaine showed off his abs first and then gave us a quick peek at his goods. He took off his blue jeans and posed for a few pics wearing just his jeans. Blaine didn’t want to tease you guys too much so he took them off too and started playing with his hard dick in front us, he couldn’t care less who was checking him out jerking off his dick. We got some really nice pics and you guys must check them out in the gallery below. This is our hunk for today but stay tuned because we have so much more to show you guys. You already know that this is the place to find the hottest gay guys in action. Enjoy this one!

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ChaosMen – Barton and Jackson

Last updated: March 6th, 2020

Barton and Jackson are our guests in this chaosmen video. The two ripped horny jocks had an amazing time hammering one another’s ass. As you know here you are going to find some of the hottest hunks fucking and Barton and Jackson are the perfect example of that. The two hunks are neighbors and in this update, besides sharing the neighborhood they got to share their asses too. They are both hot and single so why not?

One day while Barton was in his backyard minding his own business when he noticed Jackson staring at him. He always found Jackson cute so he invited him for a drink. Needless to say that things went pretty well between. After a quick tour of the house, they stopped in the bedroom, trying out the bed. They didn’t need too much to get things started just an empty and a place where no one was going to bother them. Barton couldn’t wait to get his hands on him and once he got him, he couldn’t stop pleasing him. You gotta see the two hunks here sucking and fucking all over the place in another hardcore chaos men fuck scene. This was all for today but make sure you check out the entire video below and return for more hot updates next time!


Jerome and Lorenzo

Last updated: March 2nd, 2020

Jerome and Lorenzo are our guests in the latest chaosmen update. You already know both of the hunks from our previous updates and they always deliver. Jerome is the one getting all the attention in this one, as Lorenzo was sucking off his dick and then Jerome gets to fuck his ass in the same video. Jerome has a lot of fans and you can understand why. He’s hot, young and has an amazing body. A body Lorenzo just can get enough of!

The guys were set up by one of the directors hoping that they would get along on the set. He was right because it was mutual attraction since their first meeting so they ended up shooting the scene later that week. With all the cameras on them, the madness started and the guys weren’t shy at all and made sure they offered you guys a show you won’t forget too soon. Nothing can stop these chaos men and besides their looks, they fuck the hell out of one another in each and every scene. Below you can see these two sucking and fucking during the entire video. It was insane! Make sure you check it out because it’s been a while since we saw something like this. See you next time with more chaos men sucking and fucking in hot updates!


Caspar & Easton Video

Last updated: February 27th, 2020

Caspar and Easton are in the latest chaosmen video. The two ripped hunks had a hell of a time sucking and fucking one another’s tight ass in front of the camera. The two hunks couldn’t wait to get their hands on one another and once they started they didn’t want to stop. They met at the neighborhood gym and after bumping a couple of times into one another, the gym started talking exchanging working out tips. But during their last working out session things really heated up. But the couldn’t do a thing because they didn’t want anyone else to find out about them.

They were both really sweaty, showing off their ripped bodies and it was pretty hard to resist one another. After their shower, Caspar invited Easton to his place. The great thing was that Easton is pretty open minded and didn’t mind Caspar’s kinky toy collection and they ended up trying them all out. The guys took turns on getting blindfolded and getting tied to the chair while the other one was pleasing him. The guy took turns on pleasing and getting pleased before they started pounding their tight asses in front of the camera. Enjoy it and please make sure you get back for more gay updates, to see the hottest guys getting their asses fucking in exclusive chaos men scenes. See you next time!


Barton & Sean Peyton Serviced

Last updated: February 23rd, 2020

Barton and Sean are our guests in this latest chaosmen update. Two more hunks are fucking their asses in front of the camera in this juicy episode. Barton and Sean were introduced by two of their friends and as you can see things went pretty well. Both of them kept on complaining about their sex life and everyone got pretty sick of them. Their friends set them up on a date and things went pretty well for them.

Once they met, they instantly clicked and they didn’t waste to much time on talking and went to Sean’s place that same night. Barton couldn’t wait to get in Sean’s pants and once he saw his big dick he knew it was going to be a hell of a night. He started making out and undressing Sean on their way to the bedroom, by the time they got there, Barton already had Sean’s big dick in his mouth. After he cleaned it real good, he got it up his tight ass and started riding it like crazy. The guys spend the entire night fucking and sucking all over the place. This was a steamy scene and you must check these two out in action in the exclusive video below. Stay tuned for more chaos men updates and until then please check out the older updates too!


Jerome Solo

Last updated: February 21st, 2020

We have another hot hunk showing off his dick in front of the camera in this juicy update. The black hunk came to us for an audition and we had to show it to you guys too. He was a bit shy at first and as we continued with the interview we found out that was actually his first time in front of the cameras and that was his first casting. He explained that he always wanted to be a star so he did his best to impress us. He has a cute face but we want a bit more than that so after we finished asking him questions we asked him to undress, while we had the cameras on him.

As soon as he took off his shirt and saw his abs we knew we are going to have one of the surprises of that day. Jerome continued and took off his pants and remained in his boxers. Jerome took a couple of photos in this underwear and then took them off and showed us his goods. He was definitely made for gay porn. With his cute face, killer abs and big dick we had it all. We took more pictures to show you guys and hopefully, we are going to hear from him soon and maybe he returns with a sex scene next time, who knows? This is Jerome debut scene and you can check it out entirely below. Enjoy!


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Antonio Cervone & Wright

Last updated: February 20th, 2020

We just can’t get enough of these chaosmen in action. Antonio Cervone and Wright are our hunks of the day and they had a hell of a time drilling their asses in front of the camera. The guys have been on and off for a while now but last weekend they were on again. Wright was kicked out of his house, so he asked Antonio for a room in his house until he’s back on his feet. Things didn’t really work for him lately but he knew Antonio wouldn’t let him on the street. He moved in without any expectation because he knew that Antonio was seeing someone so nothing was going to happen between them.

The ripped jock mind his own business until last night he noticed that Antonio was upset. He couldn’t let his like that so he opened a bottle of wine and talked with him. He had some problems with the guy he was dating and as he was complaining he couldn’t stop thinking about how hot Wright looks. Their old arrangements sounded pretty good right now. So without really thinking it thru he jumped over him and started kissing him. As you can see below they didn’t need too much to get in the bedroom, completely naked, all over one another, fucking one another’s ass. Make sure you check out the entire picture gallery to see just how dirty things got between these two chaos men and make sure you return for the best porn updates!


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ChaosMen – Caspar & Lorenzo

Last updated: February 16th, 2020

Caspar and Lorenzo are back in the latest chaosmen video. The two ripped jocks had an amazing time pleasing one another while sucking and riding one another’s dick in front of the camera. The two hot guys bumped into each other after working out as they were getting out of the shower. Caspar couldn’t resist his hot body so he invited him over to his place for a drink.

Once they got there they went straight to the bedroom where Casper started jerking off and then sucking Lorenzo’s big hard dick. The guys couldn’t wait to fuck one another’s ass and that’s what came next for them. But you can check them out in this hardcore gay sex video below. Until next time don’t forget to check out the rest of the updates.


Barton Solo

Last updated: February 13th, 2020

Barton is the latest guest in this hot chaosmen update. The jock is here to show off his hard dick in front of the cameras for the first time. He came to audition and maybe start a career in the adult industry. After a quick look at him we could tell that he has everything a chaos man needs.

He’s hot, has an amazing body and a big dick to go with it. Barton didn’t have any problems stripping off in front of the cameras and we have some great pictures of him below. Hopefully, this won’t be the last time we are going to see him and he’ll return with an even hotter scene. We are going to let you enjoy his hot gallery that we brought for you below. See you next time with more hot gay updates and more chaos men in hardcore gay sex scenes!


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