Ansel Solo

Ansel is one of our latest chaos men posing solo for you guys. This is the first time he ever posed nude in front of the camera, or at least that’s what he said. He wasn’t nervous at all showing off his dick in front of the camera and that seemed a bit weird. We had new guys around here and at first, they were a bit nervous so you can understand out doubts. Anyway, we had a casting a few days ago and Ansel was one of the guys that showed up.

He told us that he really needed some cash and this was the best way to get. During the interview, he told us that he’s straight, but it really didn’t seem that way just by the way he checks out everyone there. He was turning his head after every ass that passed in front of him, so it was pretty hard to believe that a straight guy was that interested in other dudes. Anyway, called for the follow-up after the interview and here he is naked, showing off his hard dick and jerking off in front of the cameras for all you lucky guys. You can see more of Ansel in the video below. Enjoy it and return for more chaosmen updates!