ChaosMen Serviced Cute Jagger

Jagger  : Serviced. The following video chaosmen update brings together two hot, slutty college guys Ashton and Jagger. They are really into each other yet never had the opportunity to express their feelings. Jagger was the one who broke the ice with a passionate kiss, and from that point the action went by its self. Check out as Jagger gets serviced by his slutty friend! But for now let’s jsut focus on our own studs having some sexual fun in front of the cameras today. Let’s get started.

Jagger has had his birthday today and this good buddy of him named Ashton dropped by to congratulate him. Well that was not the only reason, and the the two have spent many evenings fucking hard style together and Jagger was in the mood for some pleasure this evening. Naturally Ashton was more than happy to be of service and take care of his big cock. So without due, sit back and watch as the sexy stud Aston takes great care of Jagger’s cock this fine afternoon as he sucks and deep throats it. And by the end he also presents Jagger with his tight ass to fuck as well. So have fun and do come back next week!

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