ChaosMen XXX Allen And Clyde

For this update we brought back two of your favorite guys. Namely Allen and Clyde , since they went along perfectly together last time. And this time its even better, as Allen decides to take the submissive role and let himself be fucked doggie style by Clyde and his stiff cock. Even he said it was better than last time. Hope we have them here again in the future. Let’s get started and see these two hot and horny studs shagging each other in the ass just for your viewing pleasure for this whole afternoon today everyone. We bet you’ll just love it so let’s see the action.

Allen and Clyde just can’t get enough of each other and end fucking every time they meet. This time they ran into each other in the supermarket so Allen invited Clyde over to his place for some coffee. Of course they didn’t even make it to the door because they were all over each other and barely made it in the bedroom with their clothes on them. Allen started sucking his cock and after he got cum all over his face, he stuffed his fat cock deep in his butthole.

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