Gavin And Vander Fucking

This is a classic pair consisting of Gavin and Vander. We didn’t want to shuffle them, because every time the two fuck on camera, magic happens. The two just get along so well and Gavin just loves and worships Vander’s cock in every chaos men scene they are together in. So yeah no changes this week, but still another awesome gallery of the two hot studs. Anyway, let’s sit back and watch the two amazing and hot guys in action, and watch as they fuck each other senseless today!

Gavin got himself a hell of a partner for this scene. Vander has a cock perfect for his butthole, the right size and he knows the right moves as well. They met at this hotel room and things got insane immediately. They started ripping off each others clothes off and ended up in bed. Gavin spread his legs wide open and got a hard tool stuffed in his butthole stretching it to the limits. Then it was Gavin’s turn to show his lover some passion so don’t miss it out. Enjoy everyone, and do drop by next week for some more amazing and hot scenes just like usual.

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