Griffin And Rutger

Hi there cowboys! How about a night out? You really deserve to take a break and we, the chaosmen team thought it might be a good idea to relax a little bit and why not you should go and have some fun in the club, just like these two guys have done! It is exactly the way they have met each other! They are Griffin and Rutger and they met each other last night in the club where they used to go to dance and have fun! Now , after all that dancing and fun, they decided it might be a good idea to leave together so that they would do something more! So as soon as the chaos men got into one of their places they headed straight to the bedroom where they could have intimacy and a lot of space where they could do anything they wanted! How about having a look at what they have done over there, shall we? Enjoy Griffin in this hot scene with Armani!

Good for them! After a rough week, the chaosmen decided to take a break and they thought they might meet some hot guys and they were right! As soon as they got into the bedroom, there was this guy that was on his back and this other dude came from the front and gave him his fat dick to suck it! All that he had in mind at first was to tease this guy with his tongue and with his lips, but in the end he took it all into his mouth and kept sucking it until it was hard enough! Soon after that it was time that he returned his favor and they moved to the living room on the blue couch where this guy was getting a tremendous blowjob! As this other guy kept licking and slurping that fat tool until he came! Enjoy this chaos men update!

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