Antonio Cervone & Wright

We just can’t get enough of these chaosmen in action. Antonio Cervone and Wright are our hunks of the day and they had a hell of a time drilling their asses in front of the camera. The guys have been on and off for a while now but last weekend they were on again. Wright was kicked out of his house, so he asked Antonio for a room in his house until he’s back on his feet. Things didn’t really work for him lately but he knew Antonio wouldn’t let him on the street. He moved in without any expectation because he knew that Antonio was seeing someone so nothing was going to happen between them.

The ripped jock mind his own business until last night he noticed that Antonio was upset. He couldn’t let his like that so he opened a bottle of wine and talked with him. He had some problems with the guy he was dating and as he was complaining he couldn’t stop thinking about how hot Wright looks. Their old arrangements sounded pretty good right now. So without really thinking it thru he jumped over him and started kissing him. As you can see below they didn’t need too much to get in the bedroom, completely naked, all over one another, fucking one another’s ass. Make sure you check out the entire picture gallery to see just how dirty things got between these two chaos men and make sure you return for the best porn updates!

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