Easton & Vander

Easton and Vander are our hunks of the day and they actually sent us their chaosmen scene. The guys did an amazing job fucking one another’s ass in this homemade video. Easton and Vander share the same house and living under the same roof has its own perks. Both being interested in guys and being single helped a lot their situation. Spending so much time together had to lead them to something good and last night it did. The guys started their night out with a few drinks and after they got buzzed it was easier to Vander to make his move on his hot housemate. Everyone there knew that something is going to happen, just by their dirty talking at the table.

The guys returned home after a while and continued their little fun in a more private environment. Once they got to Easton’s room the guys started taking off their clothes until both of them were butt naked. Sucking dicks, rimming and ass fucking, you can find it all in the video below. The guys didn’t really say no to a lot of things, as you are going to find out in the chaosmen video below, and they had a blast stuffing their asses. Enjoy them in action in the hot update below and don’t forget to get back for more!